The City State of the World Emperor, otherwise known as Viridistan, the City of Spices, the Immortal City (and recently the Falling Empire, though this is not said in Viridistan), has been ruled for the past 150 years by The World Emperor, Hautulin Sehitt, the “Green Emperor,” and his wife Murielle Eidn, the last of a once haughty and powerful green-skinned race known as True Viridians who claim to be descendants of the gods of the Uttermost War and themselves living gods deserving of worship. The Viridians founded Viridistan 4332 years ago (in 101 BCCC), shortly after subjugating large areas held by the Wild Men.

Viridistan is ruled by the emperor with a strong hand. A High Council, made up of one viceroy, two Suzerain, and six Padishah, meets twice a year in late spring and fall for official reporting, information sharing, and setting mutually beneficial policies to recommend to the Emperor. It has no vote in the final say. The Emperor loves order and hates disturbances. Chaotic types are looked on with some suspicion, and so must try to keep their unusual behaviors and eccentricities under wraps. Disturbances of the peace involving more than three people (gang fights, drunken brawls, mob action, etc.) are usually put down ruth- lessly, with questions asked later. Loose talk about the gods, their worship, alignment, language, and negative comments about the Emperor and his government are not conducted publicly.

Common is spoken in the City almost as much as Viridian, though religious celebrations are still conducted in High Viridian. Trade and barter economic systems are still in large scale use, though coined money and industry “traders” have gained much acceptance.

Orcs and goblins and other “lesser” races are not welcome in the City even though some Mer Shunnans and Natchai are friendly with them.


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