Gods of the Wilderlands

From the just rule of Mitra to the coiling evil of Set; from the River Goddess Modron who walks the streets of her town to the evil sea god of Viridistan, Armadad Bog; from the strange and monotheistic Mycretians to the barbarian god Odin, deities and their followers play a key role in the Wilderlands.

The word “deity” covers a broad range of beings—true greater “gods” with the power of creation, lesser gods, demi-gods, animal spirits, forgotten gods, alien gods, god-priests and living gods that wander the world and are worshiped. Besides commonly acknowledged “gods,” many spirits live near or within objects, geological features, fauna, flora, artifacts, winds, and buildings. Rare is the natural feature that does not have a corresponding minor deity that is worshiped by the local populace. Some have even achieved some degree of importance, such as the Toad-god of the Mermist Swamp.

Some of the better know gods include but are not limited to:

Armadad Bog
Athena, Battle Goddess of Wisdom
Cthulhu, Eldar God
Harmakhis, God of Death
Mitra (My-tra), god of justice and contracts
Mycr (Mi-ker), The Unknown On
Orcus, Demon Prince


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